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Hey. I'm a professional musician of 15+ years, would you like a soundtrack making for this? I've been gaming since the 90s always wanted to make one. I work super fast (I release 3 tracks a week in the normal music world). I can do all styles, though I think a megadrive style FM synth vibe would be ace for this 

let me know if you're interested.

where does it install to ? how do I launch the itch app after the first time, I can't find it

are there any graphics options to reduce confusion yet? like coolour pallet etc. Also cloud disable/transparency, I always thought opaque forground clouds in a fast paced shooter about trying to dodge stuff was a dumb design decision.

I think the game concept is great, and it plays well (is the luftrausers engine open source or something because this is exactly the same?) but for someone who plays alot of fast paced games I would say this is too much, to the detriment of the game. A game this bullet-hell-ish is punishing enough with gravity, and then rng elements, the visuals should not be a hindrance too.
I think the decision to have it possible to lose your craft behind clouds (only to our eyes not the enemies) is fundamentally flawed.
could we please have a no clouds mode, or make them all background layer and get some perspective blur on them bokeh style, or change the colour of them so we can see what's going on. any of those please.