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Week 253 Theme: Freaky Friday

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Nekomatata Games


Mae | maxracer








Getting Started

WGJ is now taking place exclusively on itch.
Joining WGJ is easy!
Let's get started.

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Step 1

Use the "Join Jam" button above

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A new jam starts each week
( Friday )

bulding bricks

Step 2

Get the theme and...
Make a game with anything.
We advise making your game playable in browser.

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Step 3

Interact with the Community :
Talk about the theme in the Theme Discussion topic
Introduce yourself in the Introductions topic
Request feedback, share your progress, meet devs & more!


Step 4

Submit your game.
Use the Submit Your Project button on the jam you joined.
Make sure that your game's visibility is set to "Public".

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Step 5

Play and rate game submissions.


Top rated games are now featured!
Your game may appear on the WGJ game page.
Have fun and welcome to the community.

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What Tools can I use?


Make a card game, a computer game, anything playable.
Here are some cool game-making tools:

General Game Engines
Godot | Unity | Unreal Engine | GameMaker | Construct2 | Defold
Text Adventure
Twine | Quest
Pixel Art
Picocad | GraphicsGale
Card Game
Dulst |






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Action beat-em-up game
Save prisoners from dungeon and swap minds with them. Be a one man army.
Play in browser
You are a worm, who are in dream. This project made by newbie.
You are now Beethoven!
Play in browser
Catch the Knights Templar before you get shot!
Play in browser
Weekly Game Jam 253
Play in browser
Slippery Cube is an endless Runner