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There are many games that have inspired people like me, such as Danganronpa and Your Turn to Die. However there isn't much playable fan made content at a similar writing level of those games. So I wish to see more of that.


  1. No Sexual Content
  2. No Active Prejudice
  3. Using Canon Characters are okay, as long as there is a twist on their characters.
  4. No Tracing other people's work
  5. If There are OCs make sure you have permission to use them
  6. Using a similar setting is fine


The theme for this game is a Prologue and a Chapter 1 that draws attention. That is it.

Potential Prizes

First Place Winner can choose one of three prizes

  1. Help for Programing Chapter 2
  2. The Clean Up of Code for the Prologue and Chapter 1
  3. Laying the Foundation of Alternate Routes

For proof I can deliver

Optional Tools