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The theme for this Game Jam is Colour changes everything. You'll have a week to make a game, then once the submissions are closed votes will stay up for another week. Votes are set to public so everyone will be able to vote on their favorite games. This Game Jam is only for fun and to better develop your skills as a developer; you can challenge yourself if you want. No prize for winning.


  • Use any game engine.
  • Work alone or in a team.
  • Publish on Windows or WebGL.
  • No NSFW.
  • You are allowed to use free assets (e.g Art, Music/SFX) or make your own.
  • The game must be worked on during the Game Jam period!

Voting Criteria

Overall - Was it the best one out there?

Theme - Did it fit the theme?

Gameplay - Was the gameplay good?

Graphics - Did the game look good?

Audio - Did the game have good music/SFX?

Wish you the best, good luck, and have fun!


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Colorful Meals. Colorful Kills. THE HUBERWATCHI,- it dabbles in both.
Role Playing
Follow the Light
surreal tap tap and tap
Play in browser
What you can't see, isn't there.