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Create a Bishoujo game!

Bishoujo games - also known as "Gal Game" (Galge) - are usually romance stories with a male protagonist or other Ecchi games focussing on cute female heroines.

Currently, the indie visual game world is riddled with tons and tons AND TONS of Otome games! Whilst this is by no means a bad thing, it'd be nice to have a few Bishoujo games available, too!


  • Do you have any Bishoujo game examples?

Sure! Here you go:


From Steam

From Cloudnovel

- From Bishoujo Jams [2018

- Just Google it, there's a lot

  • Can I start making my game before the jam starts?

Everything other than programming is allowed before the jam starts.

  • Can I use assets people provided?

Most definitely! Make sure it's allowed for commercial use and credit them when using.

  • Can I submit an NSFW entry?

Yes. All games should be properly tagged and labeled, if your entry is not appropriate for minors, you must label that in the game's description.

  • Can my protagonist be female?

Yes if there is an option for a male protagonist but no if there isn't. I suggest you go to Yuri Jam

  • Are unfinished games alright?

Unfinished works are allowed/encouraged, and completing the work isn't a requirement either  [demos are perfectly fine]

  • Am I allowed to submit my game to other Jams? 

Of course! As long as you follow the other Jam's rules! 

  • There's gotta be a discord, right?

Mmm...No. Just kidding! Click here [It's new so don't mind it being empty] 

Mini Info:

  • Female Protagonist
  • Male Love Interests

That is Otome. Here's a link to this year's jam: Otome Jam 2022

  • Female Protagonist
  • Female Love Interests

That is Yuri. Here's a link to this year's jam: Yuri Game Jam 2022

  • Male Protagonist
  • Male Love Interests

That is Yaoi. Here's a link to this year's jam: Yaoi Game Jam 2022

  • Male Protagonist
  • Female Love Interests

That is Bishoujo. And you have come to the right place.

Last Bishoujo Jam:-

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Logo by Ra~Chan

Character by Nib

Twitter ~ #bishoujojam2022