This jam is now over. It ran from 2022-05-09 09:00:00 to 2022-06-02 23:00:00. View results

In the ACM London Game Jam 2022, ACM London students are placed in teams across the degree to develop a game that will be uploaded onto for your team’s submission.

Submitted games can be developed in any game engine, supporting software and programming language of choice however the submitted game must be built for Windows.

(Don't forget to submit your game! , see below for instructions)


  • When does it start: 
    • The Game Jam will start on Monday 9th to Friday 3rd June.
  • Who can enter: 
    • This will be open to our London students only.
  • Who judges the submissions: 
    • Staff, students and the public can all vote on the submissions.
  • How do the submissions get judged: 
    • All submissions are judged on three points FunOriginality and Presentation.
  • Where to communicate with others?
  • Can game assets be used?: 
    • The submissions should be made primarily within the game jam. 
  • What is the theme for the game jam?: 
    • Students will have full creative control of their idea and concept.
  • How do I submit a game?

Additional rules

  • Submitted games must not require additional external software for users to download. 
  • Submitted games must not require users to need additional hardware.
  • Take note of the file limit being 1GB, 


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