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a collection by edermunizz · last updated 2022-11-05 18:30:39
a template to help you with perspective!
a template to help you save time and effort with tilesets! ;)
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"Collision"-enabled effects using viewport depth buffers and shader logic.
Drag, drop, and play your sprite sheets.
A plugin for the Godot Engine to easily create MultiMeshInstance nodes.
Quickly create in-between interpolated frames using position, scale and rotation!
a collection of re-usable scripts for bitsy game maker
optimizer for bitsy gamedata
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merge tool for bitsy gamedata
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Create an rpg character with this tool!
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Easy Sound Effect Generator
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Right click file option to quick convert Aseprite files to PNG
Collection of effects
Procedural modeling in Blender using Node Editor
Destroy videos in weird and interesting ways.
Discover your inner Pollock
Simple pixel-art upscaling tool (Free in browser!)
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An easy to use hex based pixel art map editor
draw a tile and see it make weird patterns
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Create pre-rendered cameras using Blender 3.1 and Unity 2021+
Character/Sprite creator from layer combinations
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A tool that analyzes and reverses blurs on images
Convert any Font from Google Fonts into Bitmap Font. Around 1400 various fonts.
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A simple, open source level editor
A tool for building static blogs!
tool for creating ordered dither threshold textures
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An offset printing emulation process in Blender
long exposure game screenshots!
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